What’s in a Name

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The right menu name has the power to attract patrons. Call out key ingredients to emphasize authenticity, freshness and regional appeal!

Take a look at these naming ideas for Campbell’s® Signature soups.

Instead of Beef Pot Roast, try:

  • Hearty Beef Stew
  • Country Beef and Vegetables

Instead of Broccoli Cheddar, try:

  • Cheesy Broccoli Cheddar
  • Creamy Broccoli Cheddar

Instead of Buffalo Style Chicken with Blue Cheese, try:

  • Creamy Chicken and Blue Cheese
  • Buffalo Chicken and Veggies

Instead of Chicken Corn Chowder with Sweet Peppers, try:

  • Southwest Chicken Corn Chowder
  • Mexi-Cali Chicken Corn Chowder

Instead of Chicken Tortilla, try:

  • Tex-Mex Chicken Tortilla
  • Tortilla Soup with Chicken

Instead of Harvest Butternut Squash, try Creamy Butternut Bisque.

Instead of Hearty Beef Chili with Beans, try:

  • Firehouse Hearty Beef Chili with Beans
  • Big Bowl Beef & Bean Chili

Instead of Loaded Baked Potato, try:

  • Loaded Baked Potato with Bacon
  • Baked Potato Bliss

Instead of Roasted Chicken Noodle with Herbs, try:

  • Herb-Roasted Chicken Noodle
  • Country Chicken Noodle

Instead of Sautéed Mushroom and Onion Bisque, try:

  • Sautéed Mushroom Onion Bisque with Sherry and Herbs
  • 3-Mushroom and Onion Bisque

Instead of Southwestern Vegetarian Chili, try:

  • Spicy Vegan Bean Chili
  • Tex-Mex Vegetable Chili

Instead of Tomato Bisque with Basil, try:

  • Creamy Tomato Bisque with Basil
  • Country Herb Tomato Bisque

Instead of Vegan Vegetable, try:

  • Vegan Bean Stew
  • Home-Style 8-Vegetable and Beans