Tomato Soup Customization Ideas

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Everyone loves Campbell’s® Tomato soup and you love serving it. To keep things interesting, fun and delicious, customize your menus with ingredients that you already have on hand. We’ve put together some delicious ideas for customizing your Campbell’s Tomato soup.

Take a look at our easy and tasty ideas. We’re sure you’ll be inspired to come up with some of your own!

Stir in or top your soup with one or more of the following:

  • Dairy – shredded or grated cheeses, blue cheese crumbles, sour cream, half and half, or plain yogurt
  • Crunch – Goldfish crackers, croutons, oyster crackers, cooked rice or pasta, shredded tortillas, or crushed pretzels
  • Seasoning – Italian seasoning, hot sauce, cinnamon, taco seasoning, maple syrup, lemon juice, or more
  • Meat – sliced pepperoni, hot dogs or chicken, ground beef, bacon bits, or cooked shrimp
  • Veggies – sliced avocado, mushrooms, black beans, chopped onion, or Pace salsa