Chef Series Garnishing Ideas

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Garnish your soup like a pro! Campbell’s has partnered with celebrity chef Massimo Capra to provide you with garnishing and presentation ideas that range from simple to complex. Even complex garnishing is easy to create and still allow you to enhance soup on your menu and show off your culinary flare.

Create Your Own Masterpiece with Campbell’s

Maximize your profits and separate your establishment from competitors by creating a soup extravaganza your patrons will talk about. Even the simplest of garnishings will allow you to command a better price and make your soup presentations unforgettable! From our Premium Verve Lobster Bisque with real lobster morsels, cream and wine, to the always popular Italian Wedding and the on-trend and authentic Mai Pham Vegetable Pho Broth, Campbell understands you need to delight your customers and develop loyal relationships. You can trust Campbell’s to provide knowledge, innovation and premium ingredients to ensure your soup offerings are the ultimate soup experience.