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Soup and Sandwich Together Like Never Before

Campbell’s and Canada Bread are pleased to invite you to join an innovative new menu-pairing program to boost your sales.

Soups and Sandwiches Paired as Complete Flavour Experiences!

Restaurant-goers are seeking new and unique flavour profiles and food experiences.* With that in mind, we invite you participate in Perfect Pairings: a crowd-pleasing program of Campbell’s® soups paired with inventive sandwiches made with flavourful varieties of bread from Canada Bread. These pairings are designed to complement each other perfectly and maximize profits.

*Technomic Consumer Trend report, 2008

Marketing Ideas

Suggestive Selling: Your servers are salespeople, make sure they understand the importance of employing the subtle art of the up-sell to a Perfect Pairing to help increase the average cheque size.

Menu Romance: Perfect Pairings offer premium positioning to maximize appeal and spark interest. Please see the suggested menu copy we’ve prepared for each pairing to help best showcase these pairings in your menus, inserts, signage, etc.

Presentation Plus: Creative plating options can help showcase the fusion of flavours in Perfect Pairings. See the photos for some easy and attractive ideas to help you add that extra touch to make a truly premium impression.

The perfect addition to your menu, there are 12 Perfect Pairings to experience

Market Vegetable Soup with a Mushroom & Caramelized Onion Sandwich
Menu Suggestions:
Neapolitan Market: Evoking the rich colours and fragrances of a market in Naples, this rich tomato broth with vegetables, pearl barley and Italian herbs delivers an abundance of flavour. These flavours are further enhanced by grilled Portobello mushrooms on a toasted rye bread, gently sweetened by the caramelized balsamic onions.

Campbell’s® Market Vegetables with Barley Soup
Canada Bread Rye bread

Creamy Garden Broccoli Soup with a Chicken Club Wrap
Garden Liaison:
All the airy nuances of an al fresco meal! We’ve taken tradition and given it a twist – a mouthwatering chicken club is wrapped in a whole grain tortilla and rounded out by a lightly seasoned cream soup blended with broccoli florets.

Campbell’s® Creamy Garden Broccoli Soup
Dempster’s WholeGrains 12 Grain bread

Italian Wedding Soup with a Salami Sandwich
Love, Italian-Style:
This love-match celebrates all things Italian. The succulent meatballs and spinach in a mild, herbed chicken broth form a perfect marriage with the tangy savour of Italian meats and Provolone cheese on Panini bread – finished with pesto and roasted red peppers – Delizioso!

Campbell’s® Italian Wedding Soup
Canada Bread Panini Bread

French Onion Soup with a Croque Monsieur
Monsieur et Madame:
This Croque Monsieur sits comfortably alongside his Madame L’oignon. The tangy, melted Croque Monsieur of Gruyére cheese and ham on grilled, thick-sliced sandwich bread garnishes the sumptuous flavours of this classic French Onion soup. A meltingly wonderful soup-and-sandwich pairing only the French could dream up.

Campbell’s® French Onion Soup
Dempster’s Texas Toast Sandwich Bread

Creole Chicken Gumbo with Spicy Chicken Caesar Salad Sandwich
N’awlins Jazz:
A taste of New Orleans nights and Cajun magic! The jazzy zing of okra in this classic Louisiana-style gumbo swings and sways in perfect accompaniment with the sassy filling of chicken, bacon, and shaved Parmesan cheese loaded on thick, toasted sandwich bread. A taste sensation born on the bayou.

Campbell’s® Creole Chicken Gumbo
Dempster’s Thick-sliced Sandwich Bread

Pasta Fagioli with a Meatball Sandwich
Tocco Italiano:
The gusto superbo of seasoned meatballs on a sausage bun covered with a basil marinara sauce, roasted pepper and melted Provolone cheese mingle with the delectable tastes of the full-flavoured pasta fagioli. A classic Italian taste experience.

Campbell’s® Pasta Fagioli
Villaggio Sausage Bun

Mediterranean Vegetable Soup with a Chicken Pita Sandwich
Mediterranean Medley:
Take a trip to the alluring islands of the Mediterranean where the hearty vegetables, orzo and lentils in a savoury, herbed broth surge into a classic taste mixture of arugula, grilled chicken, roasted peppers and artichokes – nestled in a toasted Greek-style pita.

Campbell’s® Mediterranean Vegetable
Canada Bread Greek-style Pita

Tomato Roasted Red Pepper Bisque with a Gouda & Asparagus Sandwich
All Grown Up:
An adult twist to the classic ‘tomato soup and grilled cheese pairing.’ The tomato and roasted red pepper flavours within this rich, satiny bisque intermingle with the smooth, creamy flavour of the Gouda cheese, accented by the sharp, green crunch of the lightly-sautéed asparagus on nutty, toasted marble rye bread. A tapestry of unforgettable taste sensations guaranteed to delight adult sensibilities.

Campbell’s® VERVE® Tomato Roasted Red Pepper Bisque
Canada Bread Marble Rye Bread

Wicked Thai Soup with a Roasted Chicken Wrap
Exotic Thai:
The hint of sweet chili sauce and kiss of mint in the sandwich complement this aromatic Thai soup with lemongrass and coconut—spicy and exotic as Bangkok itself—while pairing it with roasted chicken and the crunchy, julienned cucumber and carrot enveloped in a delicate wrap.

Campbell’s® Verve® Wicked Thai Soup with Chicken
Dempster’s Whole Wheat Tortilla (10″)

Butternut Squash Soup with a Sliced Turkey Breast Sandwich
Fall Harmony:
Traditional and modern flavours come together as the sweet nutty flavour of the butternut squash melds beautifully with roasted turkey on toasted pumpernickel rye. It’s accentuated by balsamic sautéed onions, sliced tomatoes, baby spinach and a hint of French dressing for a clean, contemporary finish.

Campbell’s Butternut Squash
Canada Bread Pumpernickel Rye Bread