Lemon Chicken, Vegetable and Orzo Soup

Lemon Chicken, Vegetable and Orzo Soup
Total Time

30 min.

Serving & Size

250 mL (8 oz)

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Ingredients Metric Imperial
Orzo (rice-shaped pasta), uncooked 170 g 6 ounces
Campbell’s® Low Sodium Chicken Stock, prepared
2 L
8 cups

Campbell’s ® Low Sodium Chicken Stock n is the perfect blend of savory chicken stock making it easy to create flavorful entrees, soups, sauces and other dishes. It contains no artificial colors, flavors, partially hydrogenated oils or major allergens.

Vegetable oil 30 mL 2 tbsp
Onion, chopped 250 mL 1 cup
Carrot, chopped 250 mL 1 cup
Celery, chopped 250 mL 1 cup
Chicken breast, cooked and shredded 340 g 3/4 lb
Fresh flat-leaf parsley, chopped 60 mL 1/4 cup
Fresh Lemon juice 1 lemon 1 lemon
Lemon rind, grated 15 mL 1 tbsp
Coarsely cracked black pepper (optional)
1. Cook orzo according to package instructions. Drain, rinse with cold water and set aside.
2. Reconstitute Campbell’s Low Sodium Chicken stock 3:1 with water according to package instructions.
3. In a stock pot, heat vegetable oil on medium-high heat until hot but not smoking
4. Add onions and cook until translucent.
5. Add carrots and celery and stir to coat. 5. Heat for 5 minutes until slightly softened.

Add the reconstituted Campbell’s Low Sodium Chicken Stock. Slowly bring to a boil.
6. Simmer for 15 minutes. Add the shredded chicken, cooked orzo, flat leaf parsley, lemon rind and lemon juice.
7. Finish with coarsely cracked black pepper, to taste.

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