Country Mushroom Beef Barley Soup

Country Mushroom Beef Barley Soup
Total Time

80 min.

Serving & Size

8 oz / 250 ml

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Sauteed onions and mushrooms are the perfect additions to Campbell's® Vegetable Beef with Barley Soup.

Recipe Yields:

NOTE: Use your professional judgement when resizing recipes. Seasoning, cooking times, etc, may require adjustment.

Ingredients Metric Imperial
Vegetable Oil 30 mL 2 tbsp
Onions, diced 420 g 14 oz
Mushrooms, freshly sliced 250 g 8 oz
Campbell’s® Vegetable Beef with Barley Soup
2 L
64 oz
Water 2 L 64 oz
Dry Barley 500 g 16 oz
Parsley, freshly chopped 250 mL 1 cup
1. Sauté onions in vegetable oil over medium heat until translucent. Add mushrooms and continue sautéing until lightly cooked.
2. Add soup, water and barley. Bring to a boil and then reduce heat to simmer approximately 1 hour until soup is thoroughly heated and barley is tender.
3. Add parsley just before serving.

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