Boulangere Potatoes

Boulangere Potatoes
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5.5 oz / 170 mL

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Your customers will love these full-flavoured, Brasserie-style French scalloped potatoes, excellent with roasted or grilled meats!

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1. Slice potatoes ¼ inch thick on a mandolin or by hand.
2. Butter the inside of a hotel pan with 60 grams (2 oz.) of the butter.
3. Spread a third of the thawed onion soup (undiluted) over the bottom of the pan.
4. Layer one half of the potatoes over the onion soup and sprinkle with salt and pepper and chopped thyme.
5. Top the potatoes with another third of the onion soup. 6. Layer the remaining potatoes and top with remaining onion soup and sprinkle with salt pepper and thyme. 7. Dot the top with remaining butter and bake at 375ºF for 30 minutes or until potatoes are fully cooked. 8. Let rest for 15 minutes and then cut into 24 portions. 9. Serve as a side for roasts.

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