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Quick and easy solutions for quick-service restaurants.

With more than 130 years of ready-to-serve experience, Campbell’s is fully qualified to meet your operation’s needs. Count on us to help you serve full-flavoured favourites that satisfy hungry patrons in a hurry.

Meet the growing demand for curbside pickup and contactless delivery.

Consumers report higher satisfaction with meals including soup so make sure soup is top of mind for guests when it comes to your delivery and pickup menus. In fact, when soup is included in a meal, the eater cheque increases by 42%1.

Soup travels well, maintains its quality if reheated and offers easy variety for guests. 34% of industry growth comes from delivery2, so how can you get more out of soup on your delivery menu?

Try offering soup as a part of a combo meal
Consumers are seeking warmth and comfort and soup can help you deliver on that
Try expanding offerings to include family style meal bundles
Add a tamper-proof sticker to give guests even more peace of mind

Sources: 1NPD Group, February 2020 + 2NPD Group, 2020

The key to quick-service success.

From beverage options and breakfast solutions to soups, sauces and snacks, Campbell’s has the products you need to keep your quick-service operation running smoothly. Our products are designed to increase profitability and back-of-house convenience by decreasing labor, preparation and storage costs. Even better, many of our products can be used for multiple dayparts and meal occasions.