Salsa Cream Cheese

Salsa Cream Cheese
Total Time

10 min.

Serving & Size

1 ½ oz / 42 g

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Say buenos días to your customers! A bagel with this cream cheese flavoured with Pace® Mild Thick & Chunky Salsa is great way to put a new spin on an old favourite!

Recipe Yields:

NOTE: Use your professional judgement when resizing recipes. Seasoning, cooking times, etc, may require adjustment.

Ingredients Metric Imperial
Light Cream Cheese 1.05 kg 35 oz
Pace® Mild Thick & Chunky Salsa
250 mL
1 cup

A thick, rich texture and bold chunks of fresh tomatoes, onions and jalapenos makes this the perfect dip, the perfect topping, or the perfect addition to any meal. Mild. Packed 4 jugs to a case.

1. Blend all ingredients.
2. Refrigerate for 2 hours before using.

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