Perfect Pairings: Pasta Fagioli with a Meatball Sandwich

Perfect Pairings: Pasta Fagioli with a Meatball Sandwich
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Tocco Italiano: The gusto superbo of seasoned meatballs on a sausage bun covered with a basil marinara sauce, roasted pepper and melted Provolone cheese mingle with the delectable tastes of the full-flavoured pasta fagioli.

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CAMPBELL'S® Pasta Fagioli

Great Northern beans, elbow macaroni, kidney beans and carrots in an Italian-style tomato broth accented with Parmesan cheese and olive oil.

Villaggio Sausage Bun 1 each 1 each
Pre-cooked Meatballs (1 oz) 5 each 5 each
Marinara Sauce 60 mL 4 Tbsp
Roasted Red Pepper, cut in half 1 each 1 each
Provolone Cheese, sliced 57 g 2 oz

Recipe Tip

  1. Add cheese and red pepper.
  2. Lightly toast the Villaggio sausage bun.
  3. Place the meatballs on 1 bottom half of the bun.
  4. Place under broiler until meatballs are heated through and cheese has melted.
  5. Prepare Soup according to product instructions.
  6. Top generously with marinara sauce.

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