Italian Meatball with Pasta Soup

Italian Meatball with Pasta Soup
Total Time

50 min.

Serving & Size

8 oz / 250 ml

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Add some extra Italian flavour to popular Campbell's® Italian Wedding Soup by adding diced tomatoes, oregano and basil with V8® Vegetable Cocktail.

Recipe Yields:

NOTE: Use your professional judgement when resizing recipes. Seasoning, cooking times, etc, may require adjustment.

Ingredients Metric Imperial
Signature Italian Wedding Soup
2 L
64 oz

A flavourful Italian soup made with meatballs, spinach and mini pasta balls with savoury herbs in a chicken broth.

Water 1 L 32 oz
V8® Vegetable Cocktail
1 L
32 oz
Canned Diced Tomatoes 250 mL 8 oz
Dried Oregano, crumbled 5 mL 1 tsp
Dried Basil, crumbled 10 mL 2 tsp
1. Combine frozen soup with water.
2. Add all other ingredients. 3. Bring to a boil then reduce heat to simmer until flavours blend and soup reaches 180º F.

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