Campbell’s Frozen Sauces Portfolio

Campbell’s Frozen Sauces collection is versatile and easy to execute. It’s another way for you to create dishes that will inspire your guests.

Campbell’s® Alfredo Sauce

Campbell’s® Frozen Alfredo Sauce offers a great tasting, versatile and convenient sauce solution for your menu with excellent quality and performance. This flavourful, simple-to-use alfredo sauce is a flexible menu staple that easily complements many items on your menu.

Campbell’s® Green Curry Sauce

This vibrant, aromatic, Thai inspired green curry sauce is a great way to complement any protein; shrimp, poultry, beef, tofu, and vegetables. The combination of coconut cream, green curry paste, cilantro and garlic, creates a unique and delightful mingling of sweet and hot flavours.

Campbell’s® Chicken Pot Pie Filling

Campbell’s® Chicken Pot Pie Filling offers a unique, menu solution, that can be traditional and on trend. Simply add any cooked protein to Campbell’s® Chicken Pot Pie Filling to create versatile and delicious recipes for pot pies, meat pies, simple stews, sauces and more!

Frozen Sauces Brochure (English, French)