Kettle Rebate

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Refunds for Soup Kettle purchases will be at the rate of $1.00 per case for any variety of Campbell’s® Frozen Soup and Tubbed Entrees. The maximum refund will be the pre-tax purchase price of your Kettle (up to $700.00). Only invoices for Campbell’s Frozen Soup or Tubbed Entrees can be applied to the Soup Kettle rebate. Offer is valid for one year after the date of the equipment purchase.

This offer is open to independent operators only. Not applicable to distributors, chains, or contract accounts..

Please submit a copy of your equipment purchase invoice and copies of all your applicable Campbell’s product purchase invoices – along with the completed “Refund Offer Form” to:

Campbell’s Foodservice Equipment Refund Offer
PO Box 39
Brampton, Ontario L6V 2K7