Real Foods Commitment

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These seven simple words have had a profound impact on how we think, talk and act about our food. It’s starting to serve as a filter for our decision making-from the ingredients and suppliers we select to our positions on important issues facing food companies like ours. We’ve made steady progress, but now we need a more precise and shared definition of real food to drive faster, better and more consistent decisions and results.

So how do we define real food? This is a simple question without a simple answer. The definition varies depending on who you ask; chefs, scientists and consumers all have different views. As we set out to answer this question, we were guided by our Purpose, focused on the future and inspired by one of our early leaders, John Dorrance, who pioneered good, affordable food in America and challenges us with his timeless words:

  • Are the ingredients of a grade we would serve at our own table?
  • Does the combination appeal to our own sense of smell and taste?
  • Is the price within reach of most pocketbooks?

We believe real food is better for you and makes you feel good about what you’re eating-whether it’s a vegetable, fruit, grain, or something more indulgent, like butter or chocolate. As we continue to advance our Purpose, this is how we will define real food:

Real food has roots.
It should be made with recognizable, desirable ingredients from plants or animals.

Real food is prepared with care.
It should be crafted using ethical sourcing and sustainable practices that safeguard the natural resources we all share.

Real food should be accessible to all.
It should always be delicious, safe and available at a fair price–all three without compromise.

To us, it’s making food we’re proud to serve–full of the flavor you want and lacking in ingredients you don’t. It’s food you’ll be proud to serve on your menu. It’s why our internal teams make sure every ingredient earns its way onto our ingredient labels. In doing so, we’re in an ongoing effort to remove artificial flavors, MSG, added preservatives, high-fructose corn syrup and ensuring all colors are derived from natural ingredients.

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