GMO Awareness

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Knowing what’s in your food is very important. That’s why Campbell Soup Company fully supports federal legislation to create mandatory labeling standards for foods that are derived from genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

To keep consumers and foodservice operators aware of what they’re eating and serving, Campbell’s is prepared to label all of its U.S. products that include ingredients that are derived from GMOs.

According to 2014 Consumer Reports, 92% of consumers support the labeling of GMO foods. To meet your diners’ demands for transparency, it’s important to understand the ingredients you’re using on the menu. Use these tips to keep consumers informed:

  • Do your research: Learn more about the ingredients you use. The amount of GMOs you find might be surprising, as legislation for GMO labeling currently only exists at the state level. Use sites like Campbell’s to get a better understanding of what you serve.
  • Be descriptive: People want to know what’s in the food they buy at the grocery store as well as what’s in the food they’re eating away from home. If you’re using non-GMO ingredients, let your patrons know.
  • Show your support: Advocate for GMO labeling standards in your state and at the federal level.