2017 Trendscape Report

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2What Consumers Are Craving In 2017

Campbell’s Culinary & Baking Institute (CCBI), a global network of highly-trained chefs, bakers and culinary professionals at Campbell Soup Company released its third annual Culinary TrendScape – a report tracking the top 10 influential food themes for 2017.

The report is part of Campbell’s culinary tracking system that identifies and categorizes the most impactful food trends and follows them on their journey as they evolve through six distinct stages:

  • Discovery (fine dining, cultural hotspots, trendsetting chefs)
  • Introduction (independent restaurants, food magazines, upscale specialty grocers)
  • Adoption (full-service restaurants, food TV and celebrity chefs, specialty stores, limited-service menu innovators)
  • Mainstream (fast-casual restaurants, mainstream media, retail innovations)
  • Established (quick-service restaurants, grocery retail products, packaged foods)
  • Expanded (internationally available)

The top 10 trends in 2017 are:

  1. Marine Greens. (Discovery) While seasoned seaweed crisps have become a supermarket staple, adventurous fine dining chefs are exploring the untapped world of underwater edibles like kelp and dulse. Algae ingredients like spirulina are also beginning to make a superfood splash.
  2. Advanced Japanese. (Introduction) Now that ramen has gone mainstream, regional and homestyle Japanese dishes are in the spotlight at niche independent restaurants. The “new” classics include udon noodles, yakitori skewers and savory okonomiyaki pancakes.
  3. Chefs on a Mission. (Introduction) A number of influential chefs are putting social change on the menu, with ambitious, purpose- driven projects like food waste soup kitchens, untraditionally staffed kitchens and affordable, high-quality restaurants for low-income areas.
  4. Food as Medicine. (Adoption) Food’s influence beyond the table is gaining acceptance as people of all ages turn to traditional wisdom, unique diets and foods prized for their therapeutic qualities. Turmeric, ginger, vinegar, tinctures, tonics and bone broth are some of the latest trends in home remedies.
  5. Modern Middle Eastern. (Adoption) A wave of new, casual eateries are reinterpreting the vibrant street foods of the Middle East, feeding the growing appetite for eye-catching foods like falafel, hummus, labne, kofta, shwarma, shakshuka, halva and market-inspired salads.
  6. Condiment Craze. (Adoption) Anything goes now that sriracha has topped the sauce charts. From housemade ketchup to shallot jam to spicy peri-peri sauce, fast flavor fixes are taking over menus with a focus on natural ingredients, craft positioning and indulgent moments.
  7. Curry Culture. (Mainstream) Curry traditions from around the world are the latest in crave-worthy comfort foods, with a diverse set of fragrant, simmered stews providing plenty of variation on this tasty, one-pot meal.
  8. Great Grains. (Established) From whole grain goodness to ancient grain innovation, this mega-trend has been on a wild ride, with gluten-free and quinoa stops along the way. This year’s savory porridges, sprouted ingredients and freshly milled flours prove this trend is on the fast track to gaining universal appeal.
  9. Southern Comforts. (Established) Biscuit mania is the latest incarnation of America’s favorite crowd-pleasing cuisine, though Southern-inspired favorites like fried chicken sandwiches, shrimp and grits, and mac and cheese continue to charm diners morning, noon and night.
  10. Coconut. (Expanded) Ever since coconut water washed upon supermarket shores, the versatile fruit has continued its steady rise to global stardom. From coffee creamer to cooking oil to alternative sugar, this pioneering wellness ingredient now leads innovation in specialty beverages, snacks and more.