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Culinary Trends

What do we love most about food? Always discovering something new. We find inspiration in not only the things we eat, but also where we eat them. It’s why we look to what’s trending with the public at hotspots across the food landscape, spots we call TrendPoints. This allows us to track ideas and connect the dots with one goal in mind: finding what resonates with consumers.

We Take an Integrated Approach to Understanding Food Trends.

We tap into a wealth of research from our personal chefs and other professional sources, identifying the most significant emerging trends. We also look for inspiration, creative thinking and new directions. This helps us map the Culinary TrendScape, following each trend across distinct stages as it evolves and grows.

Staying on top of these trends is vital to what we do at the Campbell’s Culinary & Baking Institute. It’s how we stay ahead of the curve and routinely deliver the next generation of iconic foods and beverages people love.


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