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Soup Profitability Calculator

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Put Campbell's Soups to Work For You

Increase your soup sales and pour on the profits with our prepared soups. Saving you time and money, Campbell’s soups require minimal preparation time and ingredients, while saving on labor and space, versus soups made from scratch. Plus soup orders can increase the average check by an estimated 30% or more, with estimated profit margins over 60%.

Use our calculator to discover how profitable our prepared soups can be for your business.

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Step 1
Step Cost Per Bowl

+ =

Enter the cost of the soup and any garnishing costs to get the cost per bowl of soup.

Step 2
Profit Per Bowl

- =

Enter the selling price per bowl and your profit for each bowl is calculated based on Step 1.

Step 3
Daily & Weekly Profit

= × =

Enter the number of bowls you typically serve each day and how many days per week you are open (or serve this soup). Profits will be calculated using your numbers from Steps 1 and 2.

For example only. Your financial results may vary. Financial examples are in no way a prediction of, or guarantee of, sales performance.


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