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Profitability Calculator

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It all adds up with Campbell's Foodservice.

Recipes using our portfolio of products are a delicious way to keep costs low and profits high. This calculator can help you decide which recipes are best for your menu and what price point is going to keep you and your patrons happy. For added convenience you can also find a version of this tool on each of the hundreds of recipes we have available.

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Step 1
Profit Per Serving

- =

Enter the selling price and serving cost per serving to get your per serving profit.

Step 2
Profit Per Meal

× =

Enter how many servings are offered per meal to calculate your per meal costs based on your input from Step 1.

Step 3
Profit Per Day

× =

Enter the number of meals per day to calculate your daily profit from each meal based on your input from Step 1 and Step 2.

For example only. Your financial results may vary. Financial examples are in no way a prediction of, or guarantee of, sales performance.


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