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Real Food

We know people want real food from the ground, the sea and rich pastures.

Each year, we buy 2.5 billion pounds of fruit, vegetables, meat and seafood from North American producers. The food we make delivers more than 2.5 billion servings of vegetables to Americans each year.

We are also looking hard at our recipes and packaging. We have begun to shift away from using ingredients and materials people have told us they would prefer to avoid, and use more of the ones they want.

For example we will remove artificial colors and flavours from our products in North America by 2018. We are working to remove MSG from kids soup and will work to avoid using high fructose corn syrup in new products. We have committed to transition to non-BPA linings in our cans and other metal packaging by the middle of 2017.

We will always listen to our consumers – and your patrons – as we have done for nearly 150 years – to ensure that our food is loved for generations to come.

See how we’ve made a commitment to real foods in our products:

Real Foods


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